16 thoughts on “Moebius style 80/40 m band antenna (MLA)”

  1. Das ist der alte Stiel , die Standartloop aus dem Rothammel ! Es fehlt hier der E-Anteil ! Der wird sogar hier abgeschirmt. = ca-20 dB Herz/Dipol. Wo kann man hier Bilder/Dokos einfügen !

  2. Hi Christian.

    Perhaps you should add the pdf to your page. Till then.. may I have a copy as well.

    Tnx in advance

    De Johann van Rooyen
    * zs6l@pm.me

  3. Hello
    Please share a copy of the above pdf document on MLA to me in my email vu3sqm. at. Gmail. Dot com, leave the dots between the address.
    Thank you
    Ameer Khan VU3SQM

  4. Hello friend
    Can you please send me the PDF document on Moebus MLA design to my email. VU3SQM at gmail dot com
    Thank you
    Ameer Khan VU3SQM

    1. Good morning dear friend,
      The files was send to you few minutes ago, please confirm receiving.
      Later in the afternoon I can send you, if you want, the .gaa files for MMANAGAL , 32 segments model.
      73, YO4DFT – Cristian

    1. Good morning Ruben,
      You can check the mail, I send you 3 different mails with pdf attachament.
      YO4DFT – Cristian

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