Eggbeater antenna – 145 Mhz

My first adventure with the eggbeater antenna took place 1 year ago when I made this antenna for 137Mhz weather satellites.
Few months ago I tried to listen the satellites trasmitting on 2 m band. So, I modified the old antenna for new frequency, this time using a Rig Expert AA230 for final testing.
I was inspired from documentation writen by ON6WG/F5VIF (you can download from his website,
For building the loops I used flat aluminium (15 x 2 mm), you can find in bricolaje store at 2.6 meters lenght. The circumference of the loops is 212 cm. For mounting, I used 50 mm pvc water pipes and textolit.

The ground reflector was made with 8mm aluminium rods, 4 pcs x 53 cm lenght, conected in center and mounted at 27 cm under loops.

The most important job was the feeding harness. I used the ON6WG recommendation (
You can find on page 3 all the formulas you need to calculate all the dimensions. I used RG58, because is very hard to insert H1000 or other low loss cables into 50 mm pvc pipe.
So, nothing new. What can I add to ON6WG work are the AA230 tests.
It is an antenna easy to build, does not require adjustments, if you read carefully the documentation. The results "can" be listen... 
XW-2C satellite

73's, Cristian - YO4DFT